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Blog Day

While browsing at Anne's Food today, I have discovered that it is Blog Day, meaning that one is to list five websites that are new to the blogger. Well, since I am very new at this entire thing, most are actually new to me, but I will present a list of the five most recent ones that I have added to my favourites:

1. Chocolate and Zucchini - This is maintained by the insanely talented Clotilde Dusoulier, a young woman who began like most of us, a food lover and blogger, who has just turned in her manuscript for her first cookery book. She has tonnes of recipes and anecdotes. Her writing style is fluid and engaging, and her photographs are gorgeous. She also reviews the restaurants she goes to in Paris and beyond.

2. Once Upon A Feast - Ruth is probably known to most people who participate in the Weekend Cookbook Challenge since she is hosting version # 8 (the entries, which are to be of a dish that is foreign to you, must be submitted by the 4th of September). Her blog is replete with practical information on menu ideas and cooking for large groups of people. She also reviews her cookbooks and favourite food magazines.

3. Creams Puffs in Venice - I do not think that I will find a better blog that includes so many sweet treats, but I could be wrong because I have not yet sought out the blog that belongs to the one who created the food blog event Sugar High Fridays (which you can learn more about here), the Domestic Goddess. Ivonne is in love with all things Venice, so she includes gorgeous Italian recipes from time to time, seeming rather cognizant of the culture too, which is an added bonus. She writes with great humour and makes no excuses for indulging in her passion for delectable, sweet treats.

4. The Passionate Cook - Out of all the "new to me" blogs, this is probably the most eclectic that I have come across. This month alone, this blogger has covered rillettes, jams, and panzanella! The blogger grew up in Austria (part of the reason why I am hooked on this blog is because her perspective is so vastly different to my own antipodean one) and now lives in London. She reviews restaurants, tests out new recipes, and has categorised everything that she has written on very precisely, so you can find a recipe that suits your cravings at any given time. I've yet to play with her recipes, but I will soon :-)

5. Anne's Food - I found this blog with a host of others on the same day, but this is the one that I have tuned in to most. Anne writes frequently, and her posts detail food that is interesting to me (limoncello, pelmeenid, cloudberry vanilla souffle). Truthfully, my angelheart Eric and I often fantasise about moving to Scandinavia, principally Sweden or Denmark, so reading this blog always inspires me. Anne's entries are charming, well written, and are accompanied by lovely photographs. Anne has also categorised her recipes really well, which makes it all too tempting for me to pretend I'm in Sweden! I love this blog.

As much as I would love to have friendships with all these lovely food bloggers (and others on my list of favourites), I know how busy everyone is, and how inundated this field of blogging is what with new people creating blogs daily (like me), so I take great joy in reading these five blogs because their styles of writing are comforting and friendly. Check them out! :-)

Oh, you're totally making me blush. Thank you so much! Now I'm really dying to check out the rest of your blog - hey, I used to be an exchange student in Long Beach, ten years ago :)
Hi Shaun,

I echo Anne's sentiments as you really are making me blush as well! Thank you for the sweet words and for mentioning Cream Puffs in Venice.

I'm thrilled that I found your blog and look forward to reading many posts about all the incredible things that you're making in your kitchen!

All my best!
Hi Shaun,

I echo Anne's sentiments as you really are making me blush as well! Thank you for the sweet words and for mentioning Cream Puffs in Venice.

I'm thrilled that I found your blog and look forward to reading many posts about all the incredible things that you're making in your kitchen!

All my best!
Shaun, thanks so much for including me in your list and welcome to the wonderful - and very friendly - world of foodies.
Good choices, the Passionate Cook made it into my top 5 too.
Anne - You are being very modest, for your blog really is excellent - I check it every day. I have yet to try some of your recipes (I am especially curious to try your cloudberry vanilla souffle, but we do not get cloudberries in California, yet the jam is imported here). I'm sure Long Beach has changed quite a bit since you were last here...Where did you live and in what places did you hang out when you were here? I could take pics for you.

Ivonne - Your blog is beautiful, entertaining, and hunger-inducing - everything a food blog should be. I love hearing about your "school" experiences, and I am always excited while waiting to see what you're going to make next. Thanks for the kind support.

Ruth - Your point of view is very specific and much-needed in the world of food blogging. Your menus cross many territories, and you capture the joy of multi-ethnic cooking without pretense. You are an inspiration. I love how you describe Toronto, for I never pictured it as a food capital before your postings. Thank you for the constant support.

Scott - Since "Blog Day", I have encountered your blog. It is truly very exciting. Not only is it well designed, but your content is interesting and dense. I really love checking it out.
Hi Shaun - just curious to know where does your interest in 'pelmeenid' comes from? Anne's dad is from Estonia, so that explains her (pelmeenid are very popular back home, although they're obviously originally from our eastern neighbour:)
I came across pelmeenid in the course of research for my honours thesis. It was in the course of my pre-Soviet, Soviet, and post-Soviet readings that I came across diets of Eastern Europe. Of course I paid A LOT of attention to all things relating to food in the course of my studies, however irrelevant they were to my actual purpose. I have read many recipes on the preparation of pelmeenid, though I have yet to actually try any myself - I will do so soon (there is a huge supermarket nearby that especially deals sells European and Middle Eastern food products). How do you like to prepare it?
"Pelmeenid" is the Estonian plural for "pelmeen" - that's why I wondered if there was a particular Estonian connection:)
I like mine boiled and served with sour cream and lots of chopped green onion (scallions) - the classic way, I'd say. A canteen at one of my former workplaces served them deep fried and doused in some spicy paprika mixture, which was also rather addictive. And there's a Russian restaurant in Tallinn that serves pelmeenid cooked in wild mushroom sauce and baked under a dough lid - bliss! (I wrote about them in August 2005)
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