Thursday, September 21, 2006


A Kitchen Without Water

An advanced state of depression is about to set in. We have had plumbers in our apartment complex since Monday (it is now Wednesday), and instead of repairing the problem by Thursday (coating the inside of galvanised pipes - instead of replacing them with copper ones), they may not be finished until Tuesday of next week. We have only one temperature of water (warm) that works in the bathroom only when the plumbers are not here (i.e. from 6pm until 9am). The kitchen sink is completely out of order. This has meant that my angelheart, Eric, and I cannot cook. I can now sympathize with darling Ivonne over at Creams Puffs in Venice.

I know that you foodies that do drop in from time to time have not really had a chance to expect anything from me yet as my blog is new, but I feel like I'm letting you down. This entry is my justification for an absence of any food content on the blog this week.

And now I have to order dinner. Ordering takeout (as it is called in the U.S.) gets old very fast. Even if food is bought from a good restaurant, nothing satisfies like cooking at home.


I am so sorry to hear about the plumbing. I feel your pain. There is nothing as disappointing as finding out that something you expected to happen (and were looking forward to happening) isn't going to happen.

Chin up! I'll be thinking of you and the plumbing as I look at the spot where our new oven will go ... if it ever arrives!

Sending lots of happy thoughts your way.

(By the way, I've added you to my blog links.)
Well that certainly makes things difficult! Hope things are back in working order by now :)
That's frustrating, but I'm sure as soon as your kitchen is up and running again, (hopefully soon) you'll be back on track.
I will know how you feel soon - our kitchen remodel is about to start in a few days leaving me with no access!
When we first moved in we had 1 week without water. For the fdays it was ok (a Chinese, then Pizza, followed by a couple of restaurants), but after that it started getting annoying...Plus the expense...
Thank you so very much for your support. Okay, so we were not going through a major renovation (like you, Joe and Jeff) or were not without an oven (unlike you, Ivonne), but Eric and I appreciate your very kind words. Since the pipes have been recoated, the water pressure is better. Can you believe that in the absence of using the kitchen sink that I missed doing the dishes?
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