Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sick As A Dog

I am truly sorry for my absence, and this post hardly marks a return. Since my last posting, great food has indeed been had, namely: coq au vin, quince tart, braised chicken served with saffron onions on a bed of parsley couscous (a divine Suzanne Goin creation), and lychee sorbet. I had every intention of updating this blog as each dish was consumed, but university life has mostly consumed me. And since Friday, the beginning of the first weekend in six weeks in which I didn't have to work on something due the following week (thus what was meant to be my "catch up" weekend, including updating the blog), I have had a nasty cold. I have not "tasted" much, but have had very soul-warming chicken soup - the mother of all things when it comes to cold cures. I would include a recipe, but everyone has their own particular one that they are fond of, so, for fear of creating a debate, it is just best left out of discussion.

I will be back to update the above mentioned dishes with pics and recipes very soon. After all, the desire for food is only just beginning to come back; I can now look at cookery books with interest.

Shaun, they say (I don't know who the "they" are) that we get colds when our bodies finally stop doing all the crazy deadline things we have to do.

So, take it easy and recouperate. The posts will follow. I for one can't wait to see what you come up with as your first "recovered" meal.

Feel better soon.
Oh Shaun

I hope you don't have what I have. My cold started a week and a half ago (maybe longer) and I'm still not quite right (no comments, please).

Take care, rest up and get lots and lots of sleep.

Ruth - Yes, you are probably right re: deadlines. I had many to meet before last weekend, and as soon as I did, my body crashed out. Almost back in top form. We're off to gorgeous Sequoia this weekend to enjoy the autumnal colors of the redwood trees up there.

Jasmine - I'm feeling much better now. I'm sure the cold will linger a bit...the older I get, the longer it hangs around!

Thanks for your sweet words, ladies.
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