Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Living Is Easy

It is Summertime, and though there is corn towering in my angelheart Eric's mum's backyard, it is the fig tree to which I gravitate, as if magnetically pulled - and when they have had their run, the stands at the Long Beach farmers' market will wonder what's hit them. That's right, folks, Shaun is back in town!

I have arrived in LaLa Land and have yet to overcome the concomitant jet-lag, which is a bit of a shock because it usually takes me "one sleep" to adjust to either LA or Auckland time. Maybe I'm just getting older - I will be 30 next year. Or maybe I'm a little dehydrated, which can be remedied with loads of water, wine, and fruit. The days seem clear (contrary to popular belief about Los Angeles' incessantly overcast smog) but the effects are hazy (I've been clouded because of jet-lag).

I have already had peaches sozzled in bourbon, juices of plum dripping down my forearms as I ate them freshly picked from the divine poetess Suzanne's tree, armfuls of cherries (their season is far too short)...There is nothing like the glorious bounty of the fruits of Summer. I'm one of those people that usually "does" something with fruit, but this time, I will eat the figs as they perfectly ripe and plump. They will be savoured as I contemplate making the first of many homemade Summer ice creams and sorbets.

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Sometimes these are the best ways to have fruits, just as is.

Hope you have a good time in La La Land.
You do get around!
Shaun, those look like Brown Turkey variety. I personally find them a lot tastier and sweeter than the greens. Lucky man to get off the plane and land right into these.
I can only imagine picking a sun ripened fig from a tree, and these look bursting with flavour. Lucky you!
Cynthia - Yes, I agree that sometimes the least done with the ripest seasonal produce is quite often the best way to go. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Barbara - Well, it will be my last year of "getting around" as I will re-enter the real world of full-time work next year. I'm making the most of my flexible schedule this year because I shant have the opportunity again until I retire!

Susan - Indeed these are Mission figs, and for some reason they are ready to eat now - instead of next month, which is when I usually find them. There are some of the green variety on another tree that aren't quite ready yet, but I still can't wait for them. Like you, I prefer Mission figs, too, especially when thrown under the broiler in a light syrup of cinnamon, cardamom, thyme, and honey.

Kelly-Jane - I couldn't believe my luck, either! These are perfect and ready to go. I was too jet-lagged to decide what to do, really, so I just ate them, lest they go too soft.
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